Social Work is the founding profession for the provision of social services. Since its professional start in 1898, the social work profession has continued to enrich communities through the development of private and public organizations that service those in need. For over 100 years, social workers have continued to perfect the art of providing social services through the application of both research and evidence based practice interventions.




Today, Americans enjoy many privileges because early social workers saw injustice and took action. They had a passion to help others, which was accompanied by the persistent work to change inequalities. The work of our founding  social workers sought to improve the lives of those who experienced misery and injustice. Their work help those in need, while inspiring others along the way. Many of the benefits we take for granted came about because social workers—working with families and institutions—spoke out against abuse and neglect.


Examples of a few benefits we enjoy because of social workers:

  • The civil rights of all people regardless of gender, race, faith, or sexual orientation are protected.
  • Workers enjoy unemployment insurance, disability pay, worker’s compensation and Social Security.
  • People with mental illness and developmental disabilities are now afforded humane treatment.
  • Medicaid and Medicare give poor, disabled and elderly people access to health care.
  • Society seeks to prevent child abuse and neglect.
  • Treatment for mental illness and substance abuse is gradually losing its stigma.


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Superior Social Work Services (SSWS) is a proud reflection of the 100 plus years of heart, sweat, and persistence that has always driven the profession of social work. In addition, SSWS offers some of the brightest minds and innovative ideas social work has to offer, and as a result, we are able to provide the best quality crisis intervention, counseling, community liaison, and case management services available.


SSWS is a full-service Licensed Social Work practice that provides expert contract social work services to individuals,  families,  schools, social service agencies, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, home health companies, etc. SSWS works with various individuals to provide a premium-quality 3-tier intervention approach to crisis intervention, community liaison, counseling, and case management services. By using the 3-tier intervention approach, also known as biopsychosocial, to address biological, psychological, and social factors, we are able to significantly impact the quality of life for individuals struggling in this area. All social workers of SSWS are licensed by the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners and have extensive training in the provision of the identified services. With the detailed and meticulous execution of the social work practice, SSWS boasts an impressive satisfaction rate. SSWS works with individuals and organizations to provide superior social work services.




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